if the cat is yours

There are many reasons people need to surrender an owned cat but we ask you first to consider all your options:

  • Pet unfriendly tenancy: have you tried offering a pet resumé to prospective landlords? For more information, see our section on renting with cats
  • Moving: relocating with a cat can be challenging but not impossible. See our factsheet on moving house
  • Behavioural issues: first make sure the cat hasn’t got a medical reason for their unwanted behaviours – for example, inappropriate urination could be a symptom of an infection. Secondly, seek advice from a vet, animal behaviour specialist or give us a call on 02 9557 4818 and review our factsheets for more information
  • Having a baby: a little bit of planning means you, your new baby and your cat can all get along safely and happily. Check our babies and cats factsheet for more information
  • Allergies: some will be mild and some severe, but make sure it is the cat causing your allergy before taking action. Check our factsheet on allergies
  • Going away: if you can’t afford to board your cat, have you asked friends or family whether they can care for your cat while you’re away? Pet sitting services are an option to consider also. If you travel frequently, a cat may not be the best pet for you.

If you have no option but to surrender your cat, your options include:

  • Surrender to a shelter such as Cat Protection
  • Rehoming your cat yourself eg asking friends, family, work colleagues, advertising etc.

Please note, as a no kill shelter Cat Protection has a closely managed number of surrender spaces and we cannot guarantee when these spaces will become available.

Surrenders are by appointment ONLY – please phone our office between 10am and 5pm, Monday to Friday on (02) 9519 7201.

If you’ve made an appointment to bring your cat to Cat Protection, please bring with you any health records, microchip forms and relevant paperwork belonging to your cat (eg desexing certificate). There is a fee of $100 to surrender your cat ($30 for kittens) and the cat’s legal owner (as listed on the microchip & registration forms) needs to sign the surrender form. As we do not have vets onsite surrender appointments are restricted to set days and times during the week. We cannot accept cats with infectious diseases that will threaten the health and welfare of the cats in our care.

If your cat has an unplanned litter of kittens

We can assist with discount desexing for your cat and when the kittens are big enough to leave their mother they can be surrendered to us for rehoming. Please do not offer kittens ‘free to good home’ – by law, even if you give away a cat or kitten they must be microchipped.

If the kittens are surrendered to us we will ensure they are microchipped, vaccinated and desexed before being placed in loving and responsible homes. Phone us as soon as you can so that the kittens’ admission can be planned, and we can also advise you on mother and kitten care.