cat tails

Do you have a happy cat tail of your Cat Protection cat that you’d like to share?

Send us an email with the subject heading: Cat Tails and your cat’s name.

Remember to include their name, when they were adopted and your favourite photo.

Lots of love and laughter with Theo & Sia

Beautiful kittens, Theo (Black & White male) and Sia (Tortie female) adopted in January 2024 have settled really nicely in our home.

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Tango & Cash triumph together

We adopted the two boys three years ago today, (known as Cheddar & Jasper during their stay at Cat Protection) now named Tango & Cash (after the 1980’s movie).

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Boots fits purrfectly in his new home

I adopted Boots about a month ago and he has settled into life on the Northern Beaches very well.

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Ramsay – Sorely missed

Ramsay was adopted from Cat Protection Society in 2009 as a friendly stray.

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Happy Adoptiversary Roxanna

Happy 3 years adoptiversary to my baby Roxanna. Thanks for all your love and affection ❤

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Lily – Rest in peace

We adopted Lily in May 2005 at one year old. She had many years with us and was a gentle, loving and wonderful companion.

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Harry – Always in our Hearts

I just wanted to share with you the journey of our beloved cat Harry. I adopted him as a sweet little ginger kitten back in 2005.

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Ameowzing Marley

Dear Cat Protection Society,

On the 6th of March 2021 we adopted a tabby and white cat. We called her Marley because she had black doted spots on her tabby coat. The dots looked like marbles so that’s why we called her that.

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Lovely Lola


It’s been a year since we adopted Lola (she was Mandy back then) and we’ve been meaning to email, but instead spend the time taking photos of her and giving her pats.

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Meowvellous Maudie

When I got this beautiful girl from Cat Protection in 2011, her name was Giselle and she was by then 1 and a half years old. I went in thinking I would get a kitten but was then asked if I wanted to see the adult cats. And there she was! I didn’t choose her, she chose me!

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