cat tails

Do you have a happy cat tail of your Cat Protection cat that you’d like to share?

Send us an email with the subject heading: Cat Tails and your cat’s name.

Remember to include their name, when they were adopted and your favourite photo.

Kenny’s Sea Change

Hello, I adopted Kenny in 2007 and he was a very nervous cat. We moved to Mid North Coast recently and he’s loving the sea change, he is a little calmer now which is great!

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Oscar overcomes his fear

We adopted little Oscar almost three years ago. He was the most timid cat we have ever met. He seemed to take a shine to us and we fell in love with him instantly.

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Magical Maisy

This is Maisy, who’s been with us for nearly two years now. From the moment we met – when she looked me straight in the eye with such intelligence and character – I knew I had to take her home.

The rest of the family was pretty easily convinced that she was the one, and she’s been adored ever since.

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Monkey tales

Monkey Boo came to me in February from you via Blacktown pound as a little kitten. Instantly at home, he fills my house with joy, causing absolute havoc and much hilarity.

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A long sip of Sake

We adopted our little black torti (Sakè) on the 8th of Feb. We couldn’t be happier!

Meeting shy little Sakè that afternoon in Enmore, was exciting, & as soon as she hoped on my lap & fell asleep I knew she was meant to be with us.

The shy timid little girl that left with us that day, is now a cheeky, curious, playful & affectionate little kitten. That never stops purring.

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Winki the Wonder Cat

We adopted Winki (the wonder cat) on the 25th of January 2014, after she’d spent a full year looking for her forever people.

We were warned she might be a challenge, but we were prepared to put in the effort to give her the home she needed. We had nothing to be worried about.

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Little Jayne’s Story

It’s a hard life, being a kitten

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Cinda – a tale of fish and friends … continued

Well, Cindarella (Cinda) has now been running the household for over 6 months.  I am missing one fish and have taken to counting them at feeding time.  She is also now completely smitten with Boo Boo (my dog) and thinks she is her BFF.

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Caviar – a tail of adoption happiness

It has been 5 weeks since we adopted Caviar AKA “The shy black Kitten” from your shelter in Enmore.

Caviar is such a pleasure to have around. We are so glad we adopted her. She is no longer shy, rather, chatty, playful and would eat all day, if I let her!!

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Ninners & Shinobi – a tale of affection, mischief, horror and happiness

I adopted Ninners in 2009 when she was a shy little thing.

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