cat tails

Do you have a happy cat tail of your Cat Protection cat that you’d like to share?

Send us an email with the subject heading: Cat Tails and your cat’s name.

Remember to include their name, when they were adopted and your favourite photo.

Munchkin Tails! Meet Otto & Phoebe

It’s been about 5 months since I adopted my little munchkins from you. Otto (black) and Phoebe (tabby) have come such a long way from the two scared little kittens I brought home. They do EVERYTHING together – sleeping, playing, eating (even swapping bowls halfway through!) and exploring.

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Kinsey – a tale of the unexpected

We adopted Kinsey (aka black kitten from cage #3) as a 14 week old kitten on the 9th of March 2012. My partner and I had come in to CPS that morning to ‘have a look’ as we were planning on adopting a cat later in the year, and wanted to see what the layout was like, and what we could expect when we were going to adopt. We wanted to adopt an older cat or a black cat as we knew they were less likely to be adopted.

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Cinda – a tale of fish and friends


I thought I would send you some photos of Cinda (short for Cindarella – different spelling).  She is the 6 month old torti who had not been named that I adopted from you about 2 weeks ago.  She is absolutely gorgeous.  She already sleeps in my bed (under the blankets),

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A Tiger’s Tail – Tiger Lilly goes bush

Just thought I’d drop you an email with an update on Tiger Lilly. She is enjoying her status as a country cat (albeit an indoor country cat). The fire place has become her favourite place to be, snuggled up in her basket.

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Willow brings happiness to her home

Hi there,

I adopted Willow (she was known as Salma) last November.

I wanted to let you all know that she is a happy, healthy little girl, who is loved by everyone in the house. She is thoroughly spoilt, and pretty much rules the house. We all think she is the most beautiful little girl – which means she gets away with everything.

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A tale of Tigger and his cuteness!

Just wanted to give your guys an update about a little kitten that we adopted a couple of weeks ago. He is white with orange stripes and is very crazy and loves to bite and run!

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How Ebony turned Courtney into a cat person

My step-mum adopted our cat Ebony from the Cat Protection Society around 10 years ago when he was 2. I met him when he was 3 or 4. At first I was so scared of him I used to walk around the edge of the room just to avoid him, but eventually I grew to love him and adore his cuddles everyday. I always thought I’d be a dog person because they are cute and do a lot more than cats (to tell the truth),

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Santiago y Miguel. The tail of los hermanos!

I just want to thank the CPS for bringing Miguel and Santiago into my life! I did not intend to adopt more than one cat…

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Mathis & Vesper: a tail by Ian Fleming

We picked up Mathis and Vesper in early January and we were told that they were shy and quiet. Mathis (the male) was initially but Vesper (the girl) came out very quickly – shy you were having us on 🙂

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Stumpy had a tale

Stumpy (the kitten formerly known as Percy) has settled in well and spoiled rotten by our adoring 5 year old boy (who gave him his new name).

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