cat tails

Do you have a happy cat tail of your Cat Protection cat that you’d like to share?

Send us an email with the subject heading: Cat Tails and your cat’s name.

Remember to include their name, when they were adopted and your favourite photo.

Sassy is one cool kitty

Miss Sassy – by name and nature, seems super happy in her new home!

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Koshka – Russian kitty tale

Hi there,

We have been meaning to contact you all and tell you how things are going with our little girl Koshka (which means cat in Russian). In a word we love her!

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Peanut & Poppy – a tale of two kitties

We adopted Peanut and Poppy about 3 weeks ago. Peanut and Poppy were very shy at first but they are now definitely part of the family and providing us with much love and amusement! They are just gorgeous.

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Celebrating 13 marvellous years with Mitzi

This pretty little lady is 13 years old. Apparently Mitzi and her two brothers were found dumped in a shoe box as tiny kittens before being looked after by one of your wonderful foster carers. I adopted her when she was just 12 weeks old.

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Peggy is the purr-fect best friend

Hello. Today marks the two year anniversary of my adoption Peggy (formerly known as Leeloo) from Cat Protection Society, and I wanted to let you know that she is doing great.

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Munchkin becomes a member of the family

My partner and I adopted a beautiful kitten from the Cat Protection Society in January and I thought I would share some pictures of her. We have named her Munchkin and she has really become a member of the family.

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Indiana’s Adventures with Darcy

Hi all,

Just wanted to send an update on Indiana (adopted in February 2016) and Darcy (adopted in June 2016) who are two of the happiest kittens we have ever met.

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Quoth the Raven

Hi All,
I just wanted to let you know how tuxie girl, Raven, formerly Tess, is going. I adopted Raven from Cat Protection in October 2013, as a kitten. We bonded immediately. She is a happy girl.

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Gypsy and Lulu

Hi Cat Protection Society,

In July 2011 we were excited to bring home Lulu (Lucretia) a tiny timid 6 month old and big beautiful Gypsy (Minerva) who was 1. For the first week they hid under our lounge, then gradually took over the apartment to the point that, 5 years later, they let me sleep on a part of their queen size bed!!

They both are currently loving their heat-pads during winter!!

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We Love Neil

Neil loves climbing, food, chewing our plants, sleeping on our heads and being the centre of attention.

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