cat tails

Do you have a happy cat tail of your Cat Protection cat that you’d like to share?

Send us an email with the subject heading: Cat Tails and your cat’s name.

Remember to include their name, when they were adopted and your favourite photo.

Felix – Parlour Panther

I adopted Felix in December 2020. He was very, very shy and trembling when I first met him. He is now a confident parlour panther.

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Tess’ tender tale

Thank you so much Cat Protection Society for our new friend who we have called Tess.

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Kewpie is a real doll

Kewpie is indeed a cutie pie!

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Ninja – Master of Cuddles

We adopted Ninja as a kitten nearly 3 years ago. I’ve had so many cats over the years and I know how special this boy is 😄

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Selma settles in


This is Selma (previously called Crystal). I recently adopted Selma and bought her home on a sunny Sunday afternoon safely in her carrier on the passenger’s seat beside me.

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Codi is all for cuddles


I adopted Codi in June 2020 and Doug helped me through the process. Codi was an extremely shy cat at the time and she was hiding underneath a coffee table during our whole meeting session, however, she caught my heart with her affectionate purr when I tried to reach her with some treats.

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Precious pair – Olivia and Lydia

Hi all

Just a quick update on Olivia and Lydia, the stepsisters we adopted from you guys 6 years ago. They are now nearly 14 and going well.

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Kali – Queen of the Castle

I adopted Kali in 2016. I visited Cat Protection and there was this small timid, scared 14 year old girl. She looked at me and I thought two oldies together would be good, so I took her home. She lived under the bed at first, but overtime she become more trusting and relaxed. Here you see her Queen of the Castle, keeping her servants in check.

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Furry friends – Sylvie and Layla

Hi Cat Protection Society

We adopted a gorgeous black and white kitten from you in December 2019 who we’ve called Sylvie! It only took Sylvie a short time to become pals with our resident cat (Layla – also a Cat Protection kitty from January 2019).

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Chloe’s first Christmas

Hi all,
We adopted our little Chloe from Cat Protection Society in November 2019. She has become a part of our family now. Every night she starts her play time around midnight and runs around the house like crazy.

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