The generosity of our sponsors is greatly appreciated. Our major sponsors are:


Hill’s Pet Nutrition provides Science Diet food for the cats in our care. We feed and recommend Hill’s Science Diet for cats and kittens. For more information, visit their website www.hillspet.com.au










Bayer Animal Health provides flea and worm treatment for the cats in our care. We use and recommend Advocate.
For more information, visit www.bayeranimal.com.au






Oz Pet colour logo RGBWe are proud to introduce our newest sponsor, Oz-Pet, who provides eco-friendly litter and litter trays for the kittens in our care, both at our Adoption Centre and for those kittens in our foster care program. We use and recommend Oz-Pet litter. For more information, visit www.oz-pet.net.au








PETS is a fun magazine the whole family will enjoy. PETS, published by Universal Magazines is dedicated to responsible pet ownership and is a proud partner of Cat Protection Society of NSW Inc.
You can visit PETS at www.universalshop.com.au





We are also grateful to the gifted pet photographer, Danielle Lyonne at Animax Photography, who has taken countless photos of our cats for us to use in marketing materials. An Animax pet portrait makes a perfect gift for an animal lover, and a wonderful way to capture your cat’s beauty.



The incredibly talented Nic Bezzina has generously donated his time and skill to Cat Protection on numerous occasions. Check out his work at www.nicbezzina.com



Thank you



Cat Protection would like to thank our volunteer cat photographers for their time and talent.


Mark Facer


And a special thank you to those who have volunteered their time in the past: Danielle Lui, Phyllis Wong, Margaret Burns, Joslin Hartley, Liz, Kari, Josh and Bootsy's dad :)