Pet Membership


Cat Protection Pet Members are a special group of pets who support our feline friends. Pet Members don’t help feline kind by doing leaflet drops or hosting gala dinners. Instead, they champion the cat life simply by luxuriating on their exclusive Pet Supporter blanket and dreaming of a world in which every cat has a loving, responsible home. Bliss!

What to get the pet who has it all?
This is the purrfect gift for that special cat, dog or even the beloved guinea pig who is spoilt rotten by their humans and wants for nothing. A pet membership will delight both the pet and their pawrents, making it a great gift idea for devoted “pet parents” as well.

We will post a welcome letter to the precious pet (care of a human companion of course) plus an exclusive supporter blanket to thank them for their support.

If this is your only purchase, please select ‘No Shipping Needed $0’ as the Shipping Class.


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