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Name:CeCe ❤️ ADOPTED
Age:6 months (est)
Home: CeCe is looking for a strictly indoor-only forever home where she can safely zoom about and be the centre of attention, no other feline friends please.

CeCe checks all the boxes – cute, cuddly and full of character! This furry bundle of joy is a supreme smooch who especially enjoys napping on the nearest lap and is looking forward to sharing countless cuddles on the couch with you. CeCe came into our care with severe eye issues which showed little improvement even after extensive health checks, medications, and treatment. Our vets decided to perform surgery to remove both her eyes to ease her discomfort. This beautiful brave girl has healed wonderfully, she isn’t about to let anything get in the way of a good time and remained her bubbly, playful self throughout her recovery. For CeCe’s benefit sticking to a consistent routine is important and she’ll also need a little extra encouragement while she’s settling in and finding her way around her new home. This fun-loving kitty would also appreciate a big stack of toys, especially squeaky ones and jingly balls, any that make a noise will keep her extra excited and entertained. This little house panther can’t wait to be living a charmed life with you!

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