cats for adoption

Colour:Black & White
Age:13.5 years (est)
Home:Pepper is looking for an indoor-only forever home as she has never set paws outdoors.

Tired of a bland life? Feel like something is missing? Why not open your heart and add some feline flavour to your life! Precious Pepper is a sweet senior lady looking for her own little bit of paradise where she can rest her paws and enjoy some peace and quiet. You’re sure to be impressed, Pepper is full of purrsonality and will happily supervise your sofa and patrol your pillows, performing cushy quality control and making sure everything meets her maximum comfort standards. Pepper would prefer to be the only furry family member in your life, no other cats and definitely no dogs, she’s not a fan. This fabulous feline may take a moment to settle and adjust to her new surroundings but once she has warmed to you, there will be endless purrs and you’ll see just what a super smooch she is. Better get cracking and come meet her, Pepper is no run of the mill kitty!

Pepper is just waiting to pass her A-levels and will be available for adoption very soon. ❤️

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