FELIWAY Diffuser for Cats


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FELIWAY replicates the odourless pheromone normally left by cats when they rub their faces against objects in their environment. This pheromone is usually released by your cat when he or she feels happy or content and is also used to mark territory. Cats are very sensitive to routine and stable environment and even small changes in your home or routine can upset your cat and prevent them from leaving this pheromone, which in turn makes them feel less secure, and causes stress.

Stress can lead to unhappy behaviour in cats such as hiding away, inappropriate scratching, eliminating outside their litter tray, changes in appetite and/or excessive meowing.

FELIWAY can help in a number of stressful situations including:

  • Bringing home your new kitten or cat
  • Moving house
  • Rearrangement of furniture
  • Introducing a new baby, pet or family member
  • Vet visits and cattery stays

When used correctly FELIWAY Diffuser can help to reduce your cat’s stress levels and combat unwanted behaviours caused by stress.

FELIWAY is odourless and easy to use. Each FELIWAY Diffuser comes with an electrical unit and a 48ml FELIWAY Refill included.

Just screw the FELIWAY Refill vial onto the diffuser unit and plug it into an electric socket. The diffuser is designed to be left on continuously and will cover a space of 50-70m2. Avoid placing the diffuser behind furniture, doors or curtains or underneath shelves as this can make it less effective. Each diffuser refill will last for 4 weeks.

FELIWAY is safe to use around other pets as the pheromone only works on cats. If you have caged birds, it is recommended to plug in the diffuser in a different room.

FELIWAY is also supported by a 30 – day money back guarantee. For more information, refer to www.feliway.com.au

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