FELIWAY Spray for Cats


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60 mL

FELIWAY Spray can be used to help manage behavioural problems like scratching and urine spraying. It can also be used to help reduce your cats stress levels during travel and trips to the vet.

FELIWAY Spray is odourless and can be used around the home by spraying on prominent areas like window sills, cat flaps and doorways. For inappropriate spraying or scratching, thoroughly clean the marked area with an enzymatic cleaner, wait to dry then apply FELIWAY Spray.

To alleviate travel stress, simply spray inside the carrier or car.

After spraying, wait for 15 minutes before allowing your cat near the sprayed areas. Never spray FELIWAY directly onto your cat.

Re-spray the affected areas in the home or the car/carrier every 4-5 hours to ensure continuous pheromone delivery.

FELIWAY is also supported by a 30 – day money back guarantee. For more information, refer to www.feliway.com.au



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