FELIWAY Friends Diffuser


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FELIWAY Friends contains a man-made copy of the cat appeasing pheromone that a mother cat naturally releases to her kittens after birth. This pheromone helps the kittens feel safe and secure and promotes bonding. The pheromone has been clinically proven to have the same effect on adult cats

FELIWAY Friends Diffuser aids in reducing tension and conflict between multiple cats to help them live in harmony together within the same household.

Situations that promote conflict and tension where the use of FELIWAY Friends may be indicated include:
• Introduction of a new cat or kitten
• New Arrivals
• Overcrowding
• Moving house
• Visits to the vet and return from hospitalisation
• Adoption
• Holiday homes

FELIWAY Friends key features
• Communicating to cats, like cats
• Scentless and species specific – no effect on humans or other pets
• Clinically proven, studies to support all claims
• Trusted – used and recommended by veterinarians, behaviour specialists

FELIWAY Friends is odourless and easy to use. Each FELIWAY Friends Diffuser comes with an electrical unit and a 48ml FELIWAY Friends Refill included.

Just screw the FELIWAY Friends Refill vial into the accompanying diffuser unit and plug it into an electric socket. The diffuser is designed to be left on continuously and will cover a space of 50-70m2. Avoid placing the diffuser behind furniture, doors or curtains or underneath shelves as this can make it less effective. Each diffuser refill will last for 4 weeks after which it should be replaced. Replacement refills can be purchased separately.

FELIWAY Friends should be plugged into the room that cats spend the most time in, not necessarily where conflict occurs. Multiple diffusers are recommended for large homes.

FELIWAY Friends is safe to use around other pets as the pheromone only works on cats. If you have caged birds, it is recommended to plug in the diffuser in a different room.

FELIWAY Friends is also supported by a 30 – day money back guarantee. For more information, refer to www.feliway.com.au

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