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Name:Bisho ❤️ ADOPTED
Colour:White & Black
Age:8 years (est)
Home:Once settled Bisho may appreciate some limited outside access as she has previously enjoyed spending time outdoors with careful supervision.

Beautiful Bisho is ready to be your leading lady! An affectionate and independent cat, Bisho is bound to make a great impression with her sweet purrsonality and gorgeous green eyes. While she may take a little time to settle into her new home and find her routine, before long Bisho’s curious side will come out and then she will waste no time sniffing out all the best spots for napping, snacking and watching the world go by. This chatty kitty loves to express her feelings with her marvelous meow and will happily chirrup away on any topic you choose but most of all she’ll be keen to discuss what’s on the dinner menu. The conversation won’t be all one sided though as Bisho is willing to hear all about your day and offer her advice in gentle head bumps. This gracious girl craves your undivided attention, she loves the company of people rather than cats and wants to be the only feline in your life. Let Bisho be the boss of your heart and you’ll be rewarded with a bounty of purrs!

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