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Name:Betty ❤️ ADOPTED
Colour:Tabby, Tortoiseshell & White
Age:2 years (est)
Home:Once fully settled Betty may enjoy supervised outdoor access during the day but always safely indoors at night with you.

Beautiful Betty is ready to become your very best buddy! This super smoochy lady is an expert baker, happily kneading and purring away to make her signature sweet bikkies. Betty has a very calm and gentle purrsonality and you’ll often find her loafing around in a cardboard box or comfy cat bed soaking up some sunshine and watching the world go by. It’s not all lounging around though, Betty can also be counted on to enjoy a bit of playtime in between her catnaps. This gentle soul may take a moment to settle into her new home, but before long her snuggly side will surface and then she will waste no time claiming the best spot on the couch. This beautiful feline is ready to butter you up and bestow lots of head bumps on you ❤️

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