cats for adoption

Age:2.5 years (est)
Home:Pudding would benefit from some outside access in his new home, just during the day for a stretch and to enjoy a bit of sunshine and always supervised to make sure he stays close by.

You’re in for a treat with Pudding! This confident and chatty prince will charm you with his outgoing purr-sonality and gorgeous green eyes. He just loves being the centre of attention and will happily make friends with any visitors, especially if they provide plenty of pats. Pats are certainly the key to Pudding’s heart ❤️ This sweet tabby is also quite partial to tasty treats and likes his snacks served up in puzzle feeders to enrich his dining experience and keep him stimulated. Pudding will need regular pampering to keep his fabulous floofy tail and mane tangle-free and silky soft and will reward all your dedicated care with many purrs. The proof of feline supremacy is definitely in this Pudding!

If you’d like to meet me, please fill out an adoption questionnaire and one of our friendly team will be in touch to arrange an appointment with you.

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