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Name:Shane & Russell ❤️ ADOPTED
Colour:Tabby and White
Age:2 years (est)
Breed:Bengal Cross
Home:Shane and Russell have never set paws outdoors but Bengals have a tendency to wander and hunt, so they will need a forever home with a fully enclosed outdoor area or a very spacious indoor-only home with lots of places to climb and space to run around.

Bonded brothers Shane and Russell are a little on the shy side and will need some time to settle in their new home but before long their curiosity will get the better of them, then the exploring will begin. Soon they will be checking out every corner and inspecting their new home from top to bottom, finding all the best spots for climbing and the window with the best view. These spotty boys are very vocal, they like to speak their mind with mighty meows and will happily converse with you on a range of subjects. As they are half-Bengal, they are looking for a larger home to perform their athletic antics, apartments just won’t quite cut it, they need plenty of space to zoom around in. Once settled you’ll find this dynamic duo are very energetic and will need a tonne of toys to keep them on their toes plus they would like to share a home with someone who loves playtime just as much as they do and will help burn off all that energy. Pawesome pair Shane and Russell are ready to bowl you over with their fun-loving antics.

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