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Colour:Dark Tortoiseshell & White
Age:7 months (est)
Home:Nadja is looking for an indoor-only forever home to protect her pale features from the sun.

If you’ve got your heart set on a lively little sidekick who will keep you amused for hours, look no further than Nadja. You will need plenty of toys to keep her on her toes, this adventurous kitty has lots of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to playtime so be prepared for non-stop entertainment with this fun-loving feline around. Nadja is also quite partial to pats and enjoys a cuddle on her own terms, once she’s all tired out from tossing her toys about she’ll be quite content to curl up close by for a power nap before she’s all ready to zoom again. Nadja can be a bit boisterous and get carried away at playtime, so she is best suited to forever home without any young children. This pink-nosed cutie is excited to explore her forever home and soon she’ll be busy chatting away with you about what’s on the menu for dinner. If there is one thing Nadja likes almost as much as playing it’s snacking, this little cutie is super food focused and will go to great lengths for a tasty morsel or two. Nothing beats playtime with Nadja!

If you’d like to meet me, please fill out an adoption questionnaire and one of our friendly team will be in touch to arrange an appointment with you.

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