cats for adoption

Name:Trick ❤️ ADOPTED
Colour:Grey and White
Age:9 years (est)
Home:With a special diet to monitor and Trick’s timid nature he is best-suited to an indoor-only forever home.

Let Trick work his magic on you! Trick is looking for a forever home where he can spend his golden years lounging around in comfort. With a sweet and affectionate nature that will melt your heart, this grey and white gentleman will do just the trick when you’re in need of cheering up. A timid feline, Trick is quite shy around strangers and will need some time to settle in but deep down he’s a big softie and very smoochy once he’s feeling comfortable. Apart from pats, Trick’s other passion in life is cardboard boxes, big or small, chances are Trick will claim each box as his own and soon be reclining, snug and satisfied in his new favourite bed. Trick is also quite chatty, especially around dinner time and once he gets to know you, he’ll be busy regaling you with stories from his kittenhood and giving you his opinions with many meows. This delightful feline is sure to conjure up a smile for your face and all the warm, fuzzy feelings in your soul ❤️

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