A brand-new day for second-hand shop

The Cat Protection Society’s Enmore Road Op Shop has been transformed from thrift shop to gift shop following renovations and a new marketing strategy.

The ‘old’ shop was closed at Christmas and we’ve spent the past couple of months cleaning, renovating, refocusing the store and establishing new policies. The result is a clean, bright space that creates an enjoyable shopping experience.

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Exciting new look Op Shop!

For more than 30 years the Cat Protection Society Op Shop has been raising funds for cat welfare programs. Thank you to all our donors, customers and volunteers for your life-saving efforts!

We’re planning a big refurbishment and an exciting new-look Op Shop for 2014.

To do this, we’ll be closed for some weeks. We thank you for your patience. We can still accept small lots of donations – these can be left at the Cat Protection Society office at 103 Enmore Road.

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Make a wish come true this Christmas

This Christmas give a gift that will be truly appreciated.

Select a wish from our Wishing Tree then make a donation to Cat Protection to make that wish come true.

Not only are you helping the cats in our adoption centre who will be waiting for a loving home this Christmas by providing them with something they need, but you can take your wish with you to decorate your Christmas tree or give your wish to someone else as a gift.

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Holiday Trading

For the Christmas New Year’s holiday period, Cat Protection will have special trading hours or will be closed to the public on the following days

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Christmas Raffle

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Christmas raffle and Congratulations to everyone who won a prize!

Win a Sydney Harbour Cruise for 8 people valued at $1,000.00!

This Christmas our raffle is so big it won’t fit under a tree.

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Thank you for joining us

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us in paying tribute to Dr Alice Noe-Nordberg, Sandy Moss and the team of Concord Animal Hospital. We thoroughly enjoyed the luncheon at Parliament House and were overwhelmed to see so many old friends.

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Vote for Cat Protection

Cat Protection has been nominated in two separate categories in this year’s Best of Sydney Awards.

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You’re invited to be a part of our future

The Cat Protection Society of NSW has been at the forefront of feline care since 1958.

We led the way with early-age desexing and we’re Sydney’s first (and only) no-kill shelter just for cats. A member of International Cat Care, we’re devoted to best-practice feline care and shelter medicine, and we invite you to help us reach the next level..

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Please beware of scammers

Sadly there are sham websites that purport to take donations for charities when they are not authorised to do so. They can look quite sophisticated and often have taken logos and images from the real charities’ sites. Where we’ve been aware of them, we’ve reported them, but they can pop up again and if they’re based outside Australia local agencies can’t take action against them.

Cat Protection has ONLY authorised donations to be made to us via
Give Now
Everyday Hero
and our own website

No other website is authorised by us to collect donations on our behalf.

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How to make your new pet comfortable

Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 30 May 2013
Article by Lissa Christopher

Ideally, a kitten will spend the first 12 weeks of life with its mother. Poor little Cake had only four.

He was presented to the Cat Protection Society as a stray, his mother’s whereabouts unknown. Tiny, vulnerable and in need of the sort of comfort only a mother cat can provide, Cake then tried to suckle the warm but milkless bodies of other kittens – any nearby kitten would do.

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