Notice of Nominations for Appointed Directors

Notice of Nominations for Appointed Directors

Cat Protection Society of NSW Inc

AGM 4 November 2017


The following nominations have been received for the election of Appointed Directors, to be held at the AGM on 4 November 2017. Each nominee is eligible for election under the Constitution. There are three vacancies and three nominations:

  1. Angelika Elliott
  2. Nita Harvey
  3. Grace Tam
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Feline fundraiser immortalises top cats

Some of the most memorable cats rehomed by the Cat Protection Society in Newtown have been immortalised in a series of brooches being sold in a fundraising drive. Bella, Jaffa, Johnny and Zac are among the felines featuring on nine brooches created for the fundraiser, called “Nine Lives” and hashtagged #NineLivesNewtown on social media.

And to prove that cats rule the internet, we’ve launched a one-minute video featuring Paul Capsis as the voice of Jitu the cat.

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Herding cats – a feline health program

Outbreaks of the deadly Feline Panleukopaenia Virus (FPV, feline parvo, feline enteritis) were identified across Sydney in early 2017. It was the first outbreak in almost 40 years.

Many Sydney vets had never dealt with it due to the effectiveness of the standard F3 vaccine. However, the virus is highly contagious and in February, Blacktown Pound and other facilities were closed due to the outbreak.

Herd immunity requires that greater than 70% of the population is vaccinated.

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Cats are pets – not pests

The national RSPCA has recommended that feral cats should be declared a pest species.

Feral cats, lost cats, loved cats, stray cats, Siamese cats, moggies, tuxedos, Ragdolls, Burmese, tabbies, gingers, calicos … they are all the same species. Labelling them ‘pests’ devalues cats and creates a culture that is permissive of violence towards them. Legislative labelling removes important anti-cruelty protections.

Cat Protection rejects the RSPCA’s position.

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Australian Cats 2018 Calendars

Planning ahead? The brand new Australian Cats 2018 Calendars have arrived!! These lovely calendars feature lots of fabulous felines from Cat Protection and many more adorable cats each month.

For more information click here

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Knowledge of benefits key to more cats being desexed

Research conducted by Ipsos for the Cat Protection Society of NSW has found that while the majority of cat owners in NSW are responsible (89% of cats are desexed, 78% are vaccinated and 73% are registered) there is still scope to significantly improve feline welfare.

Read our media release for the full story.

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Recall of Best Feline Friend (BFF) products

Attention all cat owners: please don’t feed your cats any of the Best Feline Friend (BFF) products. Petbarn has issued a recall of all BFF cat food and there are tests currently underway following a number of reports of cats becoming gravely ill.

Cat Protection does not stock any of these products. If you have any concerns contact the manufacturer Weruva on 1800 108 382 or and if you are worried about your cat’s health please make an appointment to see your vet.

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Cheers to Goodwill Wines

We are purring with excitement to be one of the charity partners with Goodwill wines!

Now you can enjoy great wine and help support our cats and kittens while they are waiting to find their forever homes. 50% of Goodwill Wine’s profit – $2 from every bottle you purchase goes to the Cat Protection Society.

Click here to order today!



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Extended Opening Hours

With so many lovely cats and kittens to meet, we will be extending our Adoption Centre opening hours on Thursday and Friday afternoons, so you get more time to cuddle the cats!

We will now be open 3.30 – 6.30pm on Thursday afternoon and 3.30 – 6pm on Friday afternoon.

Looking forward to your visit!



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Easter long weekend opening hours 2017

Thinking of visiting us over the Easter long weekend?

Make sure to check our opening hours before coming to meet your forever friend.

Good Friday 14 April                                  CLOSED
Easter Saturday 15 April                           10am – 3:30pm
Easter Sunday 16 April                              CLOSED
Easter Monday 17 April                             11am – 2:30pm

Wishing everyone a happy Easter from all the cats and kittens!!

 *Please note we will also be closed on Tuesday 25 April for Anzac Day.

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