World Day for Laboratory Animals

Today (April 24) marks World Day for Laboratory Animals – an international day of commemoration for animals in laboratories.

Cat Protection does not claim expertise in human medical research, but we do know that animals are sentient, deserve protection and respect, and to be given the chance to live their best life.

Research using animals is frequently cruel, frequently unnecessary, and rarely helpful to humans.

Cat Protection has a long history of opposition to needless experimentation and testing on animals and recently made a submission to the NSW Legislative Council’s Health Inquiry into the use of primates and other animals in medical research in New South Wales.

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NSW Animal Welfare Reform

Cat Protection acknowledges there’s been a great deal of work undertaken in the animal welfare reform process by the NSW Government over the past two years. We appreciate the opportunity to comment and the rounds of consultation during this process, noting it’s been difficult for those of us working in animal care to find the time to participate fully. Working with people and animals, our sector has faced additional challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic, but we look forward to further opportunities for input into the development of the reforms,

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Help stop puppy farming and cruel cat & dog breeding practices

If you want to stop puppy farming and cruel cat and dog breeding practices, can you send an email today?

In October 2021, Animal Justice Party MP Emma Hurst introduced a Bill to the NSW Legislative Council to regulate companion animal breeding and effectively stop “puppy farms”. That Bill was referred to a Select Committee on 24 November.

In November, the NSW Department of Primary Industries released a Consultation Paper “Licensing and regulation of cat and dog breeders” and is seeking public comment by 31 December 2021.

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Researchers find link between animal abuse and intimate partner violence

Cat Protection-funded research published in the journal Aggression and Violent Behaviour has shed light on the link between intimate partner violence and animal abuse. The systematic review of 30 studies looked at the association between animal abuse and intimate partner violence, the motivation for targeting animals, and the impact animal abuse has on victim survivors.

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Notice of Nominations for Appointed Directors

Cat Protection Society of NSW Limited
103 Enmore Road Newtown NSW 2042
ABN 81 610 951 615     ACN 631 197 629

Annual General Meeting 20 November 2021

The following nominations have been received for the election of Appointed Directors, to be held at the AGM on 20 November 2021. Each nominee is eligible for election under the Constitution. There are three vacancies and three nominations:

  1. Nita Harvey
  2. Angelika Elliott
  3. Emily Falkingham

Kristina Vesk OAM


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Have your say on animal welfare reform

In August the Hon Adam Marshall, Minister for Agriculture, released the NSW Animal Welfare Reform Discussion Paper for public comment. Consultation was open until Friday 17 September 2021.

This is our submission to the discussion paper here and you can also read our submission to an earlier stage of the welfare review here.

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NSW Government announces free pet registration for rescue animals

Just in case you needed another reason to adopt – the NSW Government has announced free lifetime pet registration for rescue animals.
By law cats and dogs must be registered by six months of age in NSW but from July 2021 when adopting a pet from a rehoming organisation, animal shelter or council pound you will no longer be required to pay the lifetime registration fee for your new furry friend.

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Make cats purr with the myTOMRA app

In the late 70s Cat Protection had a recycling bin in our shop at 103 Enmore Road. Members were asked to save up their bottle and tins, so that we could take them to the tip and collect our 10c rebate. It took a lot of bottles to help a single cat, but Cat Protection has never been afraid of a bit of hard work.

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Ethically challenging situations in animal care during COVID-19

The global pandemic has had a profound impact on people, animals and the environment. Veterinarians and allied animal health workers faced unique challenges, such as having to relinquish personal protective equipment, ventilators (and sometimes even staff) to human health care, and balancing public, client, personal and staff safety with animal welfare in an everchanging environment.

Frequency, Stressfulness and Type of Ethically Challenging Situations Encountered by Veterinary Team Members During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Anne Quain,

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Stockton Breakwall cat cull – Campaign for justice

The campaign for justice for the Stockton Breakwall cats continues with this compelling video from Alley Cat Allies. We admire and give thanks to The Stray Cats Project Newcastle and all their supporters for their courage and commitment to the innocent cats who suffered so terribly in the shooting ordered by the Port of Newcastle last December.

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