How to make your new pet comfortable

Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday 30 May 2013
Article by Lissa Christopher

Ideally, a kitten will spend the first 12 weeks of life with its mother. Poor little Cake had only four.

He was presented to the Cat Protection Society as a stray, his mother’s whereabouts unknown. Tiny, vulnerable and in need of the sort of comfort only a mother cat can provide, Cake then tried to suckle the warm but milkless bodies of other kittens – any nearby kitten would do.

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Lost lizard saved by cat lovers

It turns out cats are not the only ones who need rescuing around the inner-city.

A dazed lizard found outside the Cat Protection Society’s shelter in Newtown last month was in need of help. Feline services manager, Nerida Atkin was called and a rescue team was promptly sent out to capture the bearded dragon.

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Last chance for you to speak up for cats and dogs

In May 2011, the NSW Government established the Companion Animals Taskforce to inquire into euthanasia rates of cats and dogs and other issues such as puppy farms, and to advise on strategies to improve companion animal welfare.  A draft report was released for public comment in May 2012 and more than 1,400 submissions were received. In addition, the Taskforce was asked to consider the management of dangerous dogs. The Taskforce met with a number of experts,

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Save lives – stand up for pets in strata

As urban density increases, the number of homes that are ‘pet-friendly’ is shrinking and many strata schemes impose blanket bans on pets. This is increasing the number of pets surrendered to pounds and shelters and reducing the number of pets adopted. It is heartbreaking for people and it can be fatal for their pets.

You can make a difference!

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Feline Friends

Feline Friends is a collection of real-life stories and captivating photographs that will delight, amaze and deeply touch anyone who has ever spent time with a cat.

This book celebrates the beauty, elegance and incredible capacity for love of that most selective of pets – the cat! Above all, it shows us why cats matter and why our lives are richer when they share the journey with us.

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Companion Animals – have your say!

The NSW Government has released the Companion Animals Taskforce discussion paper and submissions will be accepted until 1 July 2012.

The paper and on-line submission form are available here

We urge everyone who cares about animal welfare to consider this report and take the time to give feedback – our animal friends need you to speak up for them.

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NSW Government to review strata titles legislation – have your say

The scarcity of pet-friendly accommodation in Sydney is a growing problem, with heartbreaking consequences for cats and the people who love them.

The joys of the human-animal bond – and the great health and social benefits that go with it – are being denied to more and more people.

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Cat Protection re-opens for adoptions 10 September

Our cats are healthy and we will re-open for adoptions from Saturday 10 September.

We knew we weren’t dealing with ordinary cat flu when a cat who presented as healthy and full of beans on Saturday 27 August was severely ill and at the vet on Sunday 28 August. We were concerned and on Monday 29 August, we made the decision to close for adoptions and confined all our cats to their units and consulted our vets.

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Pets in the City

On 17 August 2010, Cat Protection attended the launch of a great initiative of the Petcare Information and Advisory Service (PIAS) – Pets in the City – a comprehensive guide to looking after pets in the city. The guide is available to download free from and includes information on choosing the right pet, negotiating rental and strata agreement to keep a pet, and keeping mainly or only indoor pets happy and healthy.

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Cats, community care and older people living alone

There is a large and growing body of evidence that demonstrates the benefits of the human-animal bond. Research shows a relationship between violent crime and cruelty to animals; conversely, it has been demonstrated that empathy can be learned in young children with the assistance of companion animals (humane education).

The health benefits of companion animals are reported to include everything from improved psychological health to reduced risk factors for cardiovascular disease, reduced blood pressure,

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