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Name:Autumn ❤️ ADOPTED
Colour:Ticked Tabby
Age:9 months (est)
Home:Autumn is looking for an indoor-only forever home as she prefers the security of familiar surroundings.

You’re sure to fall hard for adorable Autumn! This little purring machine is an affectionate kitty and her sweet nature is sure to impress. Once she warms up to you this sweet soul will reveal her smoochy side, Autumn is a little shy around strangers and in new environments but all she asks for is a comfy cat bed and then she will be quite content. With plenty to meow about Autumn is a bit of a chatterbox, most of her conversations do tend to revolve around her appetite - a subject which she is always keen to discuss! A petite furry purr-incess, Autumn is looking for a forever home where she can share countless cuddles and lounge around on comfy cushions for her cat naps. This delightful feline gets very excited about playtime too, and you’ll be guaranteed to have a ball with all her athletic antics and fun-loving frolicking. This sensational tabby is ready to provide snuggles for all seasons!

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