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Name:Benji ❤️ ADOPTED
Colour:Tabby & White
Age:4 years (est)
Home:Benji’s ideal forever home will be indoors only as his shy nature means he favours the security of familiar surroundings and to protect his pale pink nose.

Benji is a super smooch at heart! This big softie has a delightful mellow manner, he is a little on the shy side at the start, but before long Benji will become a permanent presence by your side following you around and asking for pats. Once settled this pink-nosed sweetie will keep you supplied with lots of snuggles and plenty of purrs. Benji is rather opinionated and likes to speak his mind, this chatty boy will happily let you know his feelings with his merry meow. A gentle guy, Benji enjoys peace and quiet and would prefer a relaxed forever home without any other pets or young two-legged companions so he can lounge around at his leisure and relish the calm atmosphere. For the love of Benji, make space in your heart for this most huggable hero!

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